What’s the Deal with Project Management?

The first time I attended a class on project management was like the first time going to couples counseling. Oh that’s why this particular problem keeps happening! You mean that problem can be anticipated, avoided, or mitigated?

Say what you like about traditional coupling (and I like to say that it was a nightmarish, heteronormative, patriarchal, abusive system but I do go on and on about that sort of thing) but it certainly reduced ambiguity.

Today’s workplace is ambiguity as far as the eye can see. And just as couples are crazy to rely on if you loved me you would understand that loading the dishwasher this way drives me bananas, the workplace is crazy to rely on as long as we have lots of meetings and abstract conversations we’ll be able to do this new thing!

Ideally, the project manager (or PM) is the one who moves a project from idea to reality. There is a formal credential, Project Management Professional or PMP that I’m working towards. I learn by writing things down, hence this blog.



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