The Worst Enemy

Internal Resistance

It’s all so much, isn’t it? The waking up, then making a pot of coffee without aligning the carafe properly so as to cause the whole mechanism to distribute a slurry of hot water and coffee grounds throughout the device.

This is what Sisyphus did, if I’m remembering this correctly, he labored to rinse out the wet coffee grounds from every orifice of the goddamned coffee maker and yet there were still tons of wet coffee grounds lurking everywhere like I haven’t been doing anything.

Also one of my socks is developing a hole in the toe even though they cost almost $9 and are less than one year old. 

Worse, the sun is incredibly bright, making it uncomfortable for me to sit at my favorite spot at the dining room table, forcing me to choose a different chair, one slightly farther away from the electrical outlet thereby causing the cord of my a/c adapter to extend more than I am accustomed to therefore possibly creating a scenario where The Seahorse will come along and, in his haste to kiss me on the forehead, trip over the cord and send the Chromebook crashing to the ground.

So you see, it’s the combination of terrible things that have happened, along with the terrible things that could happen, that are preventing me from making any forward motion on my important-but-not-urgent-quadrant.