How to Facilitate a Meeting when you have Skin in the Game

We are planning a series of projects at work that will bust silos and work cross-divisionally and so forth.

I’m facilitating an upcoming meeting, and I am not neutral–I will be directly affected by the outcome of this meeting. So the people in the room will be right to wonder if I am steering the conversation towards a result that suits me.

Here’s the plan:

  1. I’m going to be transparent with the group at the beginning — while I intend to be neutral facilitator, I have skin in the game and I will include my point of view in the discussion as a participant. I will ask the group to please keep me honest and let me know if they think I am not facilitating fairly.
  2. I have asked a meeting attendee, JP, who represents a different point of view, to please be a back-up facilitator if I get caught up in the discussion and need to step out of my facilitator role.

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